Big Green Challenge 2017

NEV Cosy Homes Project

The Cosy Homes test box is a model for testing the effectiveness of different forms of secondary window glazing. It is part of a wider project to help families living in the North East Valley have warmer and drier homes.

Inside the test box, there are two lightbulbs that heat the space. There is a gap that perspex frames containing different kinds of window glazing can be inserted into. There is a digital thermometer inside the test box and we are hoping to add a more sophisticated multimeter in the coming weeks. We have an infrared app installed on an ipad that we will use to show how heat is dispersed within the test box. We are aiming to be able to demonstrate the benefits of different forms of secondary glazing and help our local families find the most cost-effective solution for their homes.

Burns Lodge

The Soil to Plate program has begun with the planting of fruit trees and building of planting boxes.

Burns Lodge introduces ‘soil-to-plate’ programme

Mosgiel-based social enterprise, Burns Lodge, is introducing an alternative approach to food
resilience and self-sufficiency by working with people with mental and physical disabilities in
the local community. In partnership with Community Care Trust and through support of the
Dunedin Big Green Challenge, Burns Lodge is building raised garden beds and planting these
with vegetables as part of its ‘soil-to-plate’ project.

Burns Lodge’s Business Manager, Clinton Chambers, is confident that the pilot project is just
the start of an exciting programme which will help the disabled share their experiences with
food, value nutrition and learn life-long skills. “Our raised raised vegetable garden bed and
fruit orchard projects are the first steps of our soil to plate programme which aims to
regenerate a community spirit in Mosgiel by bringing our people back in touch with the land
and with each other.

“Our raised garden beds are specifically designed for people with disabilities including
accessibility for those in wheelchairs. The next stage of the project is to get the community
to plant and grow vegetables. We will be going a step further though by training our
community gardeners on how to work with healthy recipes and by creating menus with food
which they also like to eat. We’ll then create a seasonal planting chart according to which we’ll
plant vegetables according to the growth season in accordance to menus designed by the
gardeners themselves.

“Burns Lodge’s Chef will also be volunteering his time to train our gardeners in our commercial
kitchen on menu planning and the best ways to prepare and cook meals as planned in the
planting. All these initiatives are aimed at making our ‘soil to plate’ programme a huge success
and we are looking forward to a groundswell of local support for the initiative,” says Chambers.

Burns Lodge is also currently embarked on a drive to further beautify its gardens and by
opening up more walk-throughs to the public. The Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board
supports this collaborative pilot program as a local initiative that is accessible to local
residents and individuals with physical and mental disabilities which aims to empower
communities to lead healthy lives.
Burns Lodge is a social enterprise based in Mosgiel, operating a successful and sustainable
business. The enterprise invests its profits to improve the quality of people’s lives. Together
with its partners, Burns Lodge aims to build a social monument with a double bottom line:
generating a financial return to advance its social mission of personal empowerment and the
social re-integration of disadvantaged individuals.

Dunedin North Intermediate
Pupils have featured with their cloth bags in the ODT
Caversham Community Group – Community Orchard Project

Parks and Reserves, Urban Planning, Good Food Dunedin and Jason Ross meet with the Caversham Community Group to discuss planting options. The soil has been tested in the location agreed upon, these tests have come back good. Eleven Heirloom Fruit Trees have been purchased with the Big Green Challenge Grant, thank you once again. Next week the holes will be dug for the fruit trees on Wednesday and the planting ceremony will be the following day as long as the weather holds.

The planting day was held 11 August and is covered in the ODT here.

Peninsula Playcentre – Fruit Tree Project

The Peninsula Playcentre in Portobello had our Community Planting Day on 13 August. We were recently awarded a Sustainable Dunedin City ‘Big Green Challenge’ grant to help transform the grounds by planting fruit trees, with a view to teaching the children to nurture the trees and use the fruit.

We used our grant money to source plants and supplies specifically chosen for our unique site. We were lucky enough to have the expertise of Jason Ross from Habitate to help inform our orchard design plans.

We got really lucky on the day with the weather, and our local community turned out on what was a beautiful sunny afternoon to work together to get the plants into the ground.

We shared food together and we planted new apples, pears, loganberry, thornless blackberry, and chilean guavas, as well as relocated a few existing trees into better locations and generally gave the whole site a lot of concentrated TLC.

A fantastic community effort, captured on the day by the wonderful Isabella Harrex Photographer (and garden expert!).

Otago Girls High School – Raised Garden Beds Project

OGHS have advised the wood has been ordered for the raised beds.

Columba College

Planter boxes have been built . We have also decided to build a herb garden as well which is a bonus! The students are also having a work bee soon.

Dunedin EV Group – Drive Electric Week Event

We have two major events planned for the week. Dunedin Big EV Day Out and record attempt on Sunday 10th September, at the Forsyth Barr Stadium and a panel forum on Thursday 14th September in the Dunningham Suite of the Dunedin Public Library. During the week there will also be several other activities based at Dunedin Public Library including lunchtime talks and videos playing on the Gigacube as we celebrate 100 years of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in NZ and look into NZ’s EV future.

Dunedin EV Big Day Out!
SUNDAY 10th September, 2017
Forsyth Barr Stadium Harbour Carpark and ODT covered stand area.

From 11AM – 12

RECORD ATTEMPT – We will be having an attempt at the NZ record for the most EVs in one place at the same time, currently held by Christchurch (100). Dunedin has 200 plus EVs so we think this is achievable. Otago currently has the 2nd most EVs per 1000 capita in NZ. We would like everyone of those 200 plus EV owner to come to this part of the event for the record attempt and photo. While e-bikes will not be included in the official tally we welcome all e-bike owners to participate in the photo as well.

PHOTO – We will be taking a group photo of the EV park-up and families in Dunedin to document this milestone of early EV adoption in Dunedin’s EV history. Something to show our children and grandchildren in 2050!

Nuts and bolts – EV Owners to arrive from 10.30 for vehicle park-up. See marshalls in the car park for directions. There will be spot prizes for participating EV owners.


Meet local EV owners and talk to them about their experience of EV ownership in Dunedin and the wider Dunedin area. Nine models of Electric Vehicles will be available for test rides and test drives.* There will also be electric bikes on display and available for test rides and live music, science demonstrations, remote control cars, face painting and food vendors. Myth busting, charging demonstrations, EV apps, spot prizes and more! Family friendly FREE event.

See NZ’s oldest electric car still in use, the 1904 Baker Electric alongside the most modern of electric vehicles on the market as we celebrate 100 years of EVs in NZ. In addition there will be a scratch-built Roadster and a variety of made-in-Dunedin electric car conversions.

*Nissan LEAF, Renault Zoe, Nissan van, iMEV, Hyundai Ioniq, Audi e-Tron, e-Golf, BMW i3



EV Panel and public discussion

EV expert panel topics will include:

Charge.Net – NZ’s Rapid highway
Air NZ – Electrifying the ground fleet
E-ideas from Shanghai
Flip the Fleet
Charged As – the Dunedin EV scene
In addition there will also be local Dunedin EV owners and small business owners discussing how they use their EVs for work, family and pleasure.


International Drive Electric Week is a worldwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles. Started in 2011 as National Plug In Day in the United States with the simple idea to hold simultaneous events across the country on the same day, by popular demand it was expanded to an entire week of grassroots events. In 2015 it became an international event with invitations to EV groups in other countries to participate. “International” Drive Electric week now more accurately represents its coverage and importance.

Bags for Good – Cloth Bag Project

– We have a logo competition running which ends on the 7th of August, winner to be announced on the 10th.
-This Sunday, we have a screening of the ‘Bag It’ movie, where we will also have Steve from the Clutha district council speaking about the Koha bags project that has been happening down there, and most critically, we will have sample bags and packs with our pattern and fabric (if it is needed) to give out for the production of bags to begin. At present we are really focused on making bags for our trails which are starting at Taste Nature and in a North East Valley location in September. Info about this event is here.

– We’re building the first iteration kiosk and planning a system for surveying the stores and customers in the trial
– We’re in talks with a local screen printing company about partnering with us to screen print the logo on the bags in environmentally friendly inks
– We have a few public workshops for making bags coming up – the next one is on the 5th of August at The Valley Project in NEV.
– We’re very busy fielding interest from all over the city! Yay!
– We’re setting up a website so the pattern and info is available online, we do also currently have a Facebook page
– We’ve just had our first set of ‘care labels’ delivered which can go into the bags and have some info about the project
– We’re looking at more funding opportunities to cover costs such as the screen printing, cotton, volunteer expenses, etc.

Attached is a picture of the bag and it’s features. Obviously over time we are super keen to have more bags in the project, but for now, we’re trying to keep things simpler (and sustainable for us time-wise) with the one. We have developed the pattern with lots and lots of input and feedback over a few iterations, to try and satisfy most needs for a reusable bags, predominantly for grocery shopping (although of course, you can use it however you like!)

Our aim is to run the trials over the month of September, and then begin to branch out into more stores and more communities from there. At the moment we are also super keen for more hands on deck in our smaller BagsforGood committee, we all work and life is busy, more people to come along to our meetings and share the load would be amazing!

We have also had lots of connections and words of support from all over the country and have been added to national mailing lists of groups doing similar things across NZ. This issue has become very “current” of late.