Background to Dunedin’s Big Green Challenge – 2012

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc. is an organisation that aims to facilitate a positive, secure and sustainable future for Dunedin City in the face of challenges posed by climate change and unsustainable resource use. is a global organisation that was formed to try to get global CO2 emissions cut to 350 parts per million and build a global movement for climate solutions. In 2010, held the second of it’s world-wide days to promote awareness and action on climate change. This was held on 10/10/10 and was called the Global Work Party.

To support this locally, Sustainable Dunedin City Inc. organised Dunedin’s first Big Green Challenge. With money donated to SDC, and a further $ $2000 made available through a grant from NZ Sustainable Futures Trust a total of 14 projects were funded. These ranged from gardening gangs turning up to peoples’ homes to put in vege gardens, to a beehive building workshop. Although the majority of these projects were timed to take place on 10/10/10, the Global Work Party day some took place over the following months.

To learn more about Sustainable Dunedin City visit their website: