October 2009 SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.

Committee Meeting, 22nd October 2009.



Apologies: Dave Tucker, Phil Cole, Maureen Howard, Tracey Willmott, Jocelyn Harris,


Present: Mark Jackson, Jess Holmes, John Cocks, Janet Brady, Nick Holmes, Paul Young, Jinty MacTavish, Suze Keith, Ella Lawton.


John Cocks kindly agreed to Chair the meeting as both Co-Chairs were unable to attend.


Minutes of Last Meeting:

John moved that the minutes of last committee meeting accepted, Mark Jackson seconded.


Secretary’s Report:

There has been no significant correspondence in the past month.


Treasurer’s Report:

John read through the report on Tracey’s behalf. There were no matters arising from it.


General Business:

Local Government Elections 2010 – Strategy

Further to last month’s discussion on supporting sustainability-minded candidates it was agreed that SDC would facilitate a forum before the local body elections to for candidates to present their views on sustainability. 

Ø      SDC has been approached by the Green Party, and welcomes talks with other groups wanting to support candidates with good sustainability policies.


Community Sustainability Panel.

Phil Cole forwarded his report  – along with copies of the minutes  – from the first meeting of the Community Sustainability Panel on Monday, 14th September at The Mayoral Offices.

Ø      The goal of the committee is to envisage Dunedin in fifty years time and to make plans to deal with climate change and peak oil over that time. It is a steering committee of  councillors, council staff and invited community group representatives. The committee may invite specialists in sustainability issues to present to it.

Ø      Now that Jinty MacTavish is back in Dunedin she will take over as SDC’s representative and will attend the next meeting on 9th November.

Ø      Jinty reported she had attended her first meeting of the Biodiversity Strategy Forum, on behalf of Enviroschools but could also represent SDC. The forum is made up of members of the public, not DCC or O.R.C councillors.


SDC Meeting at the Green Party HQ

At the Green Party’s invitation to SDC to meet with its Co-Leaders, Phil Cole, Paul Young, Maureen Howard, Janet Brady and Nick Holmes met Metiria Turei  and Russell Norman on the 30th September.

Ø      They were keen to find out what SDC has been involved with to date, and of future plans.

Ø      They enquired about local body election strategies planned and it was explained that as a apolitical organisation SDC couldn’t back specific candidates but that it intends to facilitate a forum for candidates on sustainability issues.


SDC Submission to the Climate Change Response

Ø      Jinty MacTavish made a submission on Emissions Trading Scheme on behalf of SDC. She didn’t ask to speak to it.

Ø      Paul was in Wellington and spoke on behalf of Solar Action’s submission. He spoke by phone for his personal submission but didn’t get asked any questions. He noted for future submissions that it seemed worth making the effort to appear in person.


Vodafone Foundation’s ‘World of Difference’ Programme: Nick Holmes Application Update:

Nick has been to Auckland for the next round of the selection process and felt his application had been well received. Check with Nick – my understanding is that he was awarded the engagement?

Ø      If he is selected he will hold brainstorming session with SDC on ideas to engage Dunedin’s youth with sustainability issues.


DSSCF – Update.

Members have been focussing on the Spring Food Festival.

Ø      They were very disappointed to hear that all South Island New World supermarkets have dropped the 5 cent charge for plastic bags.


Stall at the Spring Festival.

Details relating to organising a gazebo, table and display were discussed. It was agreed that having a presence at the festival was sufficient and that it was best to keep it simple.

Ø       Duncan Kenderdine will deliver, assemble and take the gazebo away afterwards.

Ø      Janet Brady will get the laminated signs from Maureen, and print out copies of recent submissions, articles and newsletter to demonstrate SDC’s work.

Ø      Janet will set up stall and make sure there is always at least one person on the stall for the duration of the festival.  Jess Holmes, David Tucker, Maureen Howard, Suze Keith will all take a turn on stall.


 350.org Update on 24th October 2009:

Ø      Nick and Jinty reported that approximately 100 schools around the country have events planned for the 23rd.  

Ø      On the 24th there are over 150 events registered throughout New Zealand and that Dunedin is likely to be the biggest in NZ.

Ø      Among events planned are the bike ride with Kashi Leuchs, the group surf at St Clair, TV473 is creating a human scale in Baldwin Street. Workshops will be held in the afternoon and six bands are confirmed to play on the main stage.

Ø      The amount of sponsorship had been overwhelming. This includes the donation of 1000 eco-bulbs to be given away to people who sign the sail that is being by taken to Copenhagen by the youth delegation.

Ø      Nick asked if SDC would donate $300 to purchase fruit trees to give as prizes to the top 10 eco-heroes nominated along with certificates. Mark moved the motion, Jess seconded it. Motion passed. Maureen Howard will present the prizes on the day.


Green Drinks:

Next drinks to be next Thursday 29th October, at Filadelfios at 5.30. This month Oxfam’s “Water for Survival” group will give a talk.


Possibility of SDC Endorsement of Submission on Gambling:

Ø      Jess asked whether SDC could make a submission on gambling. While it was generally agreed that this was an important aspect of community sustainability and although it was not the core business of SDC, it was agreed that healthy communities are fundamental to sustainability. 

Ø      Jess to prepare a draft submission based on SDC objectives etc, and circulate it to the committee for comment.


Ø      Jess to write a personal submission and circulate it to the committee for comment. Janet, my recollection is that the committee was happy with an SDC endorsed submission provided it was founded on SDC objectives and created a strong link between the submission and SDC objectives etc.


Possible Public Talk by Rod Oram:

There might be a possibility of holding a public talk by Rod Oram when he is in Dunedin for the Media and the Environment Forum on 6th November. 

Ø      It was suggested it might be easier just to promote the forum but the cost would exclude people who couldn’t afford to attend. .

Ø      After discussion it was decided that John would approach the organiser of the forum, Geoff Craig, about the possibility of organising a talk open to the public..


Sustainable Businesses Group.

Ella Lawton mentioned that the Centre for Sustainable Practice is organising a group for businesses interested in sustainability.  

Ø      So far 20 businesses have indicated their interest.

Ø      If anyone knows of other businesses interested to let them know of a meeting 12.30, (date????) at the Ozone Lounge.



Meeting closed: 7.22pm

Next meeting: Thursday 19th  November.