August 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.


Committee  Meeting 5.30pm 20th August 2009, MWH office, Wickliffe House.


Present: Jocelyn Harris, Phil Cole, Maureen Howard, Janet Brady, Nick Holmes, Jess Holmes, Mark Jackson, Paul Young, David  Tucker,

Apologies: Ella Lawton, Tracey Willmott, Jinty Mactavish, Suze Keith, John Cocks.


Minutes of last committee meeting. Motion to accept the minutes, Jocelyn Harris, seconded by Phil Cole. Carried.

Secretary’s report and matters arising: There has been no mail this past month.


Local Government Elections 2010:

·        Jess Holmes put forward a suggestion from the Green Party that SDC and similar organisations working for sustainability should work together to develop a joint strategy to promote certain pro-sustainability candidates at next years local body elections.

·        It was pointed out that constitutionally SDC must be non-partisan, and can’t be seen to endorse any one candidate. However, SDC can indicate which candidates’ policies are in accordance with SDC’s aims, and also it could sponsor a candidates forum as it did at the last election.


Community Sustainability Panel.

There has been a request from Tony Avery of the DCC for SDC to have a representative on the above the Community Sustainability Panel to being formed to look at the longterm. . .Fliss Butcher is to chair and Stains, Wilson and Cull to represent the council, and three members from community groups


The Age of Stupid” showing:  

  • A number of the committee to attend the screening immediately after the meeting.
  • Janet and Jess pointed out that it will be showing four times a day for the next week and to encourage everyone to get a long to see this very important film. It has had good press coverage so far.
  • Janet requested more STD membership forms to put out at the display table at the screening. Jocelyn agreed to get these to her.


DSSCF “Plastic Bags aren’t free” day – Sat 15th Aug: 

  • Paul Young reported that this had been a success. Of all the retailers contacted only two took part in charging for plastic bags on the day and making a donation.
  • Shoppers were receptive to exchanging their plastic bags when offered one of these at the various location.


Labour Party – latest moves about Climate Change: Jocelyn reported on a recent meeting of hosted by the NEV Labour Party branch to discuss policy ideas with the three local Labour MPs.


Speights Brewery Environment Fund:

  • David Tucker arrived directly from attending the function to announce this.
  • He reported that Speights has announced a $25,000 annual fund to support local environmental projects in the Dunedin area.
  • Jocelyn is to write a letter in support of this initiative. update – 24th October 2009: Nick Holmes gave the lastest news on the progress of organising this event. Otago Polytech as well as the DCC have now agreed to support this event.


Green Drinks Initiative: Maureen said that a new location  was being considered because Filadelfio’s had proved too noisy a location to have speakers.


Co-option of New Committee Members:

  • Jocelyn Harris who was returned to the committee at the AGM was nominated to return to the Co-Chair position by Phil Cole, seconded by Maureen Howard.
  • Jess Holmes, Nick Holmes and Ella Lawton’s names were put forward for the committee after the official nominations for election of members closed but it was suggested that they be co-opted to the committee.
  • Jess Holmes was nominated by Jocelyn Harris, seconded by Janet Brady.
  • Nick Holmes was nominated by Mark Jackson, seconded by Paul Young.
  • Ella Lawton was nominated by Phil Cole, seconded by David Tucker.
  • It was agreed unanimously to co-opt all four.





Meeting Closed: 6.05pm.

Next meeting: 17th September