SDC Newsletter August 2019

Notice of Sustainable Dunedin City AGM: Wednesday August 28th 6pm, Room D101 at Otago Polytechnic.


Welcome & Karakia

Minutes from previous meeting accepted as true and correct.

Financial report – 2018/2019 Treasurers Report to come.
Provisional statement of receipts and payments 2018/2019

Plan for the next year and Chairpersons Report

Motions to be considered:
Quorom changing from 5 to 3 committee members. The Committee recommends this change.

Election of committee members:
Nominations for elected officers Chair, Secretary, Treasurer at the upcoming AGM: If you would like to nominate someone for these positions please do so in writing to

General Business
Do you have anything you would like to add, what would you like us to do this year?

Closing Karakia for formal part.

Kai and Cuppa/Murray Grimwood – short seminar on Limits to Growth.
Local Body Elections

Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council nominations close noon August 16th:

Dunedin City Council: Visit electoral information page for candidate information and nomination forms or call 03 477 4000. Candidates can also get further information at

Otago Regional Council:

Postal voting is used for local body elections. People need to be enrolled by 16 August to receive their voter packs, which will be mailed out from 20 September. Voters must return their voting papers by noon on 12 October (election day) to ensure their votes are counted

VOTING DAY: Saturday, 12 October 2019 -Election Day. Voting closes at 12.00 noon

ORC voted today at their committee meeting whether to declare Climate Emergency or not. NOT!!

RESULT: No emergency declared, the motion was shifted to consider initiatives outside of declaring an emergency.

Business as usual…



From the old way to the New, how a well being economy will respond to issues differently.

The current economic system (the “old way”) responds to the common needs of humanity and the planet in ways that do not address the heart of problems and do not make life better for all. In fact, often problems are made worse or at best responses act as ‘sticking plasters’.

In a wellbeing economy (the “new way”), responses would be person-centred, positive and long-term. The exciting thing is – the new way is already emerging, with inspiring examples around the world showing us the way.
Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon on why Governments should prioritize well being?

We are currently talking about setting up a Hub here in NZ to stay connected and work together towards a Well Being Economy. You can find out more details here

Anyone can join up as a WEAll citizen here

Save Foulden Maar

Volunteers Wanted!!

We need your HELP to do things, currently we are solely volunteer based but would like to make some movement on things such as Funding applications, Coordinating our websites calendar of events and Submission writing. If you have any skills you would like to share and work together on assisting our projects.

Please get in touch via
FIX your STUFF!!

Valley Community Workspace

Blokes sheds

Stitch Kitchen

Planting Trees to create a
Carbon Sink.

Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust

Forest & Bird Dunedin

Kaikorai Valley (Shetland St) Community Garden

Contact Hendrik Koch –

Sign up to Volunteer:

North East Valley Community Garden

Trees that Count DOC

One Billion Trees – MPI

Ko Tatau – This is us.

Biosecurity keeps our incredible home safe from pests and diseases.

Community Pantries Group

Good listening


Threat management Plan for Maui Dolphins submissions Due Aug 19th 5pm
What’s being proposed?

Hector’s and Maui dolphins are among the world’s rarest. They face a range of human-induced threats, including fishing, seismic surveying and the disease toxoplasmosis.

We are consulting on a range of options to improve the way these threats to Hector’s and Maui dolphins are being managed.

The proposals have been put together using the best available science, and we think they give us the best opportunity to help protect these dolphins.

We know fishing-related threats have reduced in areas where restrictions have been put in place, but threats from fishing remain and need to be considered. In addition, we’ve identified a range of other threats, which need to be dealt with.

Your feedback will help us improve these proposals. In particular, we need to carefully balance the proposals against the impact they could have on people and their livelihoods.

The options include:

extending current restrictions on trawling and set netting in areas where Hector’s and Maui dolphins live

increasing the boundaries of marine mammal sanctuaries

placing further restrictions on seismic surveying and seabed mining in areas where Hector’s and Maui dolphins live

developing an action plan to address the threat from the disease toxoplasmosis, which has emerged as a significant human-induced threat.

Submissions are due 5pm on 19th August 2019

Please include

your name and title

your organisation's name (if you are submitting on behalf of an organisation)

your contact details (such as phone number, address, and email).

How to submit:
Short Survey: to address fishing related threats only.

Full survey: to respond to proposals outlining options for managing all human-induced threats to the dolphins

Or email us your feedback to

You can also post your written submissions to:

Consultation: Hector’s and Maui Dolphin Threat Management Plan

Department of Conservation

P O Box 10420

Wellington 6143

Product Stewardship DUE Oct 4th 5pm
New Zealand has one of the highest rates of household waste production per capita in the OECD. Yet New Zealanders are highly concerned about waste. We rank waste as one of the three topics we are most concerned about (Ministry for the Environment surveys 2018).

Regulatory product stewardship would make producers responsible for specified problematic products at the end of life. It would ensure the costs of proper waste management are paid by producers and consumers, not communities and the environment. 

The Government is proposing having regulated product stewardship for six priority products: tyres, electrical and electronic products, agrichemicals and their containers, refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases, farm plastics, and packaging (examples are shown above).

This consultation will determine which products are included in co-design of regulated product stewardship with business and other stakeholders. It will also set guidelines for the co-design process.

Page link for more information

Consultation document:


How to submit:

Online Submission tool:

Email: Answer the questions in the consultation document and email 


Looking ahead to Local Body Elections.

We will be sending some questions to all candidates standing for DCC, Mayor and ORC to be published on our website, emailed to you and via social media to assist you in choosing the right candidate.

The questions are:

In your view what would a sustainable Dunedin City look like?

How do you see Dunedin negotiating the move away from fossil energy?

Do you think we should be building over our high-class food-producing soils?

How would you address waste, recycling and regeneration?

Do you see a difference between ‘wealth’ and ‘wellbeing’?

If you have any feedback about these please get in touch

OUSA will be running a Mayoral forum in October closer to the election.
Generation Zero will be creating a score card for each person standing.
Listen to Ian Telfor on Mondays 5pm. Rattling the Chains is a six-week pre-election radio, podcast and video series on OAR FM.

Each week, aspiring mayoral candidates will be paired for a half-hour interview discussion live from the OAR FM studio in Dunedin Community House.

They will be questioned on their ideas, their influences, their values, maybe even their favourite music. And most of all, why they want to be the Mayor and wear those chains of office.
Please send any feedback to, let us know if we are going in the right direction and if there is anything you think is missing. If you would like to contribute in any way we would love to hear from you, we always need help with submission writing and small research jobs to keep the work ticking along. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Contact us at