Foulden Maar, Middlemarch

SDC Newsletter, May 2019

SDC Newsletter, 13th May 2019.

Welcome to our bi monthly Newsletter.

Firsty, have you checked out the fresh looking website recently?
If not go check it out!
We still have a few more pieces to do but it is here we are hosting a
calendar of events there for you to check out, we are hoping to be
able to host other groups calendars in the same place too.

The SDC committee is also in need of some assistant with a few things!
Please let us know if you can volunteer some time/skill to make one of
the following happen?

# Funding applications to allow the following tasks to be supported
Dunedin Concept Map
Upkeep of the calendar/coordinator

# Election forum team – we would love for the community members to
help us organise this.

Please email any other news to go in the next newsletter to;


What’s coming up?

# Sustainable Storm Water workshop
with Nigel Cowburn from

Saturday 18th May. 1.30pm – 4pm.
Dunedin Public Libraries, Dunningham Suite 4th Floor.

FREE, a donation is gratefully accepted so we can continue to run
these events.
Please Register in the facebook event or email
Afternoon tea will be provided by SCAN.

Nigel will introduce the issues and then we will look into site
specific Dunedin City streets and solutions based around 3 streets in

Be prepared for an interactive local solution based workshop, looking
at street level change making actions we can take together.

Hosted by Senior Climate Action Network, Future Living Dunedin and
Sustainable Dunedin City


# NVDA (Non Violent Direct Action) Training
hosted by community groups Stop The Minerals Forum; COALition
Extinction Rebellion
May 14th @ Knox Church

Recommended if you wish to participate in any upcoming actions.

More details on the Facebook group here:

# Environmental Groups Hui & Potluck

15/05/2019 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Herron Hall, Knox Church
An Environmental Hui (& Potluck Dinner) will be held on Wednesday 15th
May at Herron Hall, Knox Church.
Please extend this invite to your environmentally-focused circles, and
anyone else who is interested in becoming more involved. Children are
more than welcome to attend.
Please bring some yummy food to share, your own plate and cutlery, and
a koha donation for the hire of the hall. Please be mindful of
packaging when purchasing items.
If you are part of a an group, please come prepared with the
information to share:
Group Name and description
What you aim to achieve (both short-term and long-term)
What you can offer other groups (something unique about your group or
something your group excels at)
What you would like help or support with (something your group lacks
such as tech skills or creativity skills, or an action you need
support for – this is a great opportunity to share events that your
group is organising!)
When and where your group meets.
There will be a communcal resource document with the above information
being created to share after the event. This will become a communal
resource for groups to find ways to collaborate, and for individuals
who are interested in joining a group to find something that aligns
with their interests.
There is a rough agenda for the evening (open to all suggestions and
6:30pm – arrive
6:45pm – welcome & introductions, representatives from each group will
have a chance to speak
7:30pm – dinner & general mingling
8:15pm – wrap-up & plan steps forward
8:30pm – conclude
A reminder that the intention of this event is NOT to form a giant new
group, and not be used for planning actions directly. Instead, this
event aims to create a shared space where we can meet each other, find
common ground between us, and form collaborative forces for certain
issues. It is also an opportunity for people who are not part of any
group to find a group that suits their interests. Not to mention, it
is a social space where we can meet and form friendships and community!

# Stop the Minerals Forum Coalition:

Several environmental groups are organising a stance agains the
Minerals Forum coming to Dunedin. Below are details if you wish to

What is the minerals forum:

The NZ Minerals Forum (ie Coal Conference) is coming to
Ōtepoti/Dunedin on 28 and 29 May to promote the expansion of coal (and
other polluting industries) in Aotearoa/NZ. They want More coal, more
profit and more destruction. We want a future. We are in a climate
emergency. Coal does not belong in our future. People around the world
are saying “Enough” to coal and other polluting industries, and so are

Come join us as we show the coal industry that business as usual is
over! We, Stop the Minerals Forum, are working together to organise a
strong *and* non-violent opposition to the 2019 NZ Minerals forum.

Sign up to participate here:
It is highly recommended to attend the NVDA training on Tues May 14th
if you do wish to participate.

Facebook event for details here:

Keep in touch via facebook here:

Donate to help the cause:

# School Strike for Climate Friday May 24th
The School strike for Climate change is back. Hosted by School Strike
4 Climate NZ.

Where: The Octagon in Dunedin from 1pm – 3pm on Friday 24th May
“To come together and demand climate justice! ♥

Adults, teachers, parents and members of the community are welcome to
come and support us and meet us in The Octagon. School students can
join us on the march to The Octagon (along George St). Our intention
is to put pressure on the NZ Government to declare a Climate
Emergency, revise the 0 Carbon Bill to make it more ambitious and to
cancel the Minerals Conference scheduled in Otepoti for the 28th of May.
See you all there. This is gonna be epic.”

This is again part of an international day of protest.

#Coal in Aotearoa Discussion Day
A rally is being organised against the Minerals Conference. Hosted by
the Coal Action Network Aotearoa.
Details as follows;

“New Zealand mines, burns, and is continuing to increase the very
worst of fossil fuels: COAL. In the current climate emergency, we all
need to rally together to build a better future!

Step one: get informed
Come along on Sunday May 26 for an update on the state of coal in
Aotearoa NZ and a discussion on coal’s connection to:
Climate breakdown * Fonterra * Coal in Dunedin * Coal and Just Transitions *
The upcoming Minerals Forum at the Dunedin Centre and most
importantly- what we can do about it.
Spread the word and bring all your friends: It’s time to connect the
dots and end coal.
** Free entry.
** Potluck lunch – bring food to share if you can!
Speakers include Jeanette Fitzsimons, Cindy Baxter, Rosemary
Penwarden, and further members of Coal Action Network Aotearoa.

Step two: Following on from the info day – Join us to rally against
the Minerals Conference on Tuesday May 28

#4KT Elephants by Stitch Kitchen

Stitch Kitchen is this years recipients of Dunedin City Council’s Te
Ao Tūroa Environment Envoy Commission, presenting a new community
project: 4KT Elephants

“The Project aims to transform some of the city’s textile and clothing
scraps into 4,000 cute soft toy elephants.
Each elephant representing a tonne of textiles received by our local
landfill in the last year, which contributes significantly to our
city’s CO2 emissions, as well as the environmental hazards associated
with waste collection.

4KT Elephants workshops will be open on Queen’s Birthday weekend, from
31st May, running Friday to Monday, and for the following two weekends
after from Friday to Sunday, from 11am till 4pm each day. Experienced
sewers will be available to help, so no prior experience is needed for
those who would like to make an elephant.

Come and turn your eco anxiety into something cute you can cuddle!!

Makers may keep their individually-numbered elephant, or donate them
to local children’s charities Tedz4Kidz. Some elephants will also be
available to buy, for those who would like to adopt these custom
upcycled creations.

The pop-up will be in the heart of Dunedin’s main retail area, with
343 George Street offered for the project thanks to Dunedin Dream
Brokerage. As well as practical sewing facilities, the bright and
colourful space will feature information and tips about how to reduce
textile waste through everyday choices, from buying only what is
needed, to caring for and repairing clothes, and responsible donating
to second-hand shops.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own (freshly laundered) garments
or fabrics to use for making their elephant – excellent for
sentimental items you cannot bare to throw away, or for items which
need some radical inspiration to fulfill their potential.

Groups from businesses, organisations and schools are welcome to book
in and create their own mini herd of elephants. For inquiries, please

This event is made possible through funding from Dunedin City Council,
as part of 2019 Te Au Tūroa Environment Strategy, and Dunedin Dream
Brokerage. THANK YOU!

Stitch Kitchen are currently looking for volunteers to assist in
making this happen, please contact if you wish
to do so.”

#Future Living Skills Workshops
Ran by DCC and Sustainable Living. Facilitated by Jennie Upton and
Fiona Clements

“Explore sustainable living skills and meet others who want to make a
difference. Learn about consumer choices, home grown food, sustainable
housing, lower carbon travel, energy savings and water conservation.
We have some great local speakers lined up for both versions.”
Please register for either via email

Weekly Workshops
$5 per evening
When: Thursdays, 7 – 9pm
Where: St John Church Hall, 90 beach St, Waikouaiti

Weekend Workshop
$40 for the weekend
June 15 2019, starts at 9.30am
June 16 2019, starts around 10-10.30am
Confirm via facebook page to confirm the starting time closer to the weekend.
Where: Dunedin Theosophical Society Rooms

# Indigenous knowledge and climate change
Lecture at University of Otago
When: May 29th, 2pm – 3pm,
Where: Burns 2 Lecture Theatre.

“In seminar 3 of Otago Climate Change Network’s Conversations on
Climate Change series, Dr Lyn Carter investigates how the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recommendation that
Indigenous Knowledge be used to develop strategies and practices for
climate change adaptation, can be put to effect in Aotearoa New
Zealand. She will discuss how indigenous peoples across the world are
utilising their own ways of knowing the environment to help minimise
the impact from climate change, and how Aotearoa New Zealand can learn
from these experiences, and from the strategies already being
developed here by Iwi.”
Please note this talk will also be livestreamed on Zoom at:


# Foulden Maar
Action is being requested to assist in putting a stop to a mining
expansion onto a geological and important site in Foulden Maar.
Details and synopsis below.

Foulden Maar, Middlemarch
Foulden Maar, Middlemarch, Kimberley Collins CC BY-SA 4.0

FOULDEN MAAR, 10KM SOUTHEAST OF MIDDLEMARCH, CENTRAL OTAGO, is a 23 million years old, small but deep volcanic crater. After becoming a lake, it gradually filled over the following 130,000 years with layers
of microscopic silica-bearing plant life. It contains exceptional
levels of fossilised organic material, ranging from microscopic algae,
insects, fish, birds, mammals and reptiles.
Foulden Maar is considered by Otago University Geology Department to
be of international importance as a paleontological site from which it
is possible to reconstruct entire ecosystems from the past. Its layers
of strata provide one of the best records of pre-historic climate
change in the world.2 The world’s oldest known galaxiid, or whitebait,
the oldest known fossilised eel in the southern hemisphere, have all
came from Foulden Maar and scientists believe it could contain moa and
even crocodiles. International geologists and scientists are currently
studying the few fossils and geological samples that have been
extracted from the site.
While it carries no legal weight , the Geoscience Society of New
Zealand Geopreservation Index Rating of Foulden Maar is being upgraded
to A = international importance.3 This is what they say about it:
“The lake sediments infilling the crater were deposited very close to
the Oligocene–Miocene boundary, a key time in Earth History spanning a
period of major deglaciation on Antarctica. No other pre-Quaternary
terrestrial deposit in the Southern Hemisphere contains such a high-
resolution mid-latitude climate record nor are there other potential
sites in New Zealand, or elsewhere that might yield such a record.”
Recent Press:,-greenpeace-says?fbclid=IwAR1pa0Rtksbvm7asmPfYOI7cX2qw6uJvEn2rPNJZMgP4FviB62UwUIF7Md8

Working group being set up: Do you want to take part?
Private Facebook group here

If you would like to be emailed the research documents please get in
touch, I am happy to send them out to any interested parties.

# One Coast (Waikouaiti Wastebusters)

One Coast (Waikouaiti Wastebusters) is going on a road trip to check
out some local resource recovery centres. They want you to come along!
If you do want to go along. Registrations essential.
When: Sunday, 19 May 2019 from 09:00-15:00
Where: Round trip to the following Resource Recovery Centres
Waikouaiti – Hampden – Palmerston – Waikouaiti

Email for more details and to book in.

Interesting Resources!

# Movie listings
Do you have a copy of an environmental or sustainability focused movie
we could put in our database?
We would love to know about it so that we can share the location and
availability of all movies around the community.

# Keep Dunedin Beautiful Awards 2019 – nominations open
Nominations are now open for the Keep Dunedin Beautiful Awards. Email
us with the name of the person or group you are nominating and tell us
why they deserve to be recognised.
The Awards celebrate and honour Dunedin people who are committed to
beautifying their city and caring for their environment through
volunteer action. We schools, community groups and individuals are
recognised for environmental projects they have worked on during the
past year. The award ceremony will be held at Dunedin Public Art
Gallery on Thursday 27 June 2019. 03-4743401

# Plant some Trees
Plant some trees and help sink the Carbon back into the soil!
The following community groups are running regular events around
Dunedin and would love your participation and enthusiasm.

Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust

Department Of Conservation

Forest and Bird Dunedin

Dunedin Environment Community Trust: Shetland Street Community Garden
Activities Coordinator : Hendrick Koch

# Listen in too:

Maureen Howards show on OAR sponsored by SDC

# Look out for:

Resilient magazine in the ODT

Have an active May!!

Please do let me know if you can assist in making something happen.

Thank you,
Fiona Clements, Chair.

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