OMV Unwelcome Rally – 3pm on Monday, 29 April.

Kia ora Dunedin friends,

As a grandmother, nothing worries me more than the thought that climate change could rob my grandchildren of a future.

So when Austrian oil giant OMV announced they planned to drill for oil right here in my patch I made them a promise: that they could expect resistance.

There’s no time to lose. On Monday afternoon, OMV will be presenting their plans to the Dunedin City Council.
Please join me in a peaceful rally outside the Council building at 3pm on Monday, 29 April.

Climate breakdown is no longer a far off future idea. It’s here now. People around the world are dying now from climate breakdown. OMV is one of the 100 companies responsible for 71% of emissions global emissions. I won’t sit by and let oil companies like OMV search for more oil and gas that we just can’t burn. I won’t let them threaten our precious marine wildlife with the risk of a huge oil spill or gas blowout.

We’ve proudly opposed deep sea drilling in our region for years. We succeeded in persuading our Council to divest our ratepayers’ money from fossil fuels. It was this kind of leadership from numerous councils around the country that helped put pressure on our Prime Minister to end new offshore oil exploration permits this time last year.

But – there was a loophole in that law change. It means companies with existing permits – like OMV – are still able to drill here, potentially for decades to come.

It’s a move that’s outraged many of our City and Regional Councillors, who have shown true climate leadership by announcing they’ll be boycotting the meeting on Monday in protest of OMV’s drill plans here in the Great South Basin. Let’s stand by these councillors in spirit. Join me on Monday afternoon outside Dunedin City Council to send a message to OMV that we will resist their plans to drill for more climate-wrecking fuels off our coast.

OMV may not yet understand how much we care about our ocean and our southern way of life. They may not know the proud history of peaceful civil disobedience in Aotearoa New Zealand. So it’s time for us to show them.

Bring signs, songs, babies, grannies and friends. See you there 🙂


P.S. This will be a peaceful and family-friendly event.