Volunteering Otago – November 2014 report

At the presentation of the Big Green Challenge cheque event Volunteering Otago Manager, Anna Clere, spoke with Andrew Bowen about the possibility of working together.  Andrew has offered to host workshops at the Bathgate Park school technology lab to coincide with our preserves workshops, recycling what we don’t use.   Andrew and I planned to meet on Wednesday 26 November but have rescheduled the meeting for 10 December

Anna also spoke with the Grubby Angles at the event, and featured them in Volunteering Otago’s newsletter.

Several attempts have been made to find a suitable meeting date and time for representatives from the Dunedin Food Harvesting Group, Otago Presbyterian Support, Volunteering Otago and Carisbrook School.  It is challenging to coordinate meetings with people with varied work and family commitments.  It is much easier to organise individual meetings with representatives of each organisation.

We were to all initially meet on Thursday 23 October but at the last minute not everyone was able to meet at the same time.  I have since met with Amanda Reid of Otago Presbyterian Support who is keen to set dates for workshops.  Amanda looks forward to having support from Volunteering Otago and the other community organisations to deliver workshops and share resources.  Annika and I will now meet on 9 December to discuss facilitating the preserves workshops.  We will then report back to representatives from Otago Presbyterian Support etc.

Through email I have set proposed dates with Annika and Andrew for four preserves and recycling workshops to be held on 7 December, 14 December, 21 December, and 28 December through Volunteering Otago’s Free School Holiday Programme.   To date, 18 young people have registered to participate in the programme.  Volunteering Otago has had a positive response from community volunteers who are keen to assist in delivering the preserves and recycling workshops and to share their knowledge and skills.

Heather Moore

Youth Volunteering Co-ordinator