The DCC is consulting on natural burials at Green Park Cemetery

In line with increasing local and worldwide interest in natural burials, and in response to submissions to the 2010 Dunedin City Council Annual Plan, it is proposed that the Dunedin City Council include natural burials as a new burial option.

This is the first time this idea has been considered in Dunedin, so is really worth supporting. A member of the group who began this process has sent the following hints

“Following points are important.

1.That it is great that DDC is supportive of Natural burials as this is environmentally important with the body decomposing quickly and that indigenous trees are planted so the area returns to bush.

2. The plan states a minimum depth of 1 metre rather than the recommendation that the burial be not more than 1 metre deep. – An important error that needs pointing out.

3. The long term cost is very low compared with standard grave yards which need ongoing lawn mowing etc. So there should be no extra charge for Natural burials. The proposed protocol states an extra charge for the tree on the grave and importation of biologically active earth.”