Backyard science with the Marine Metre Squared Project

Marine Metre Squared (Mm2)
Your class can do backyard science with the Marine Metre Squared Project.  It’s a hands-on activity to measure biodiversity and change on your local beach.  You can get answers to questions, and share data with other schools through a website. Resources, curriculum plans and the website are available to support teachers in the classroom.  Suitable for all ages.  See for details.

Marine Discoveries for Schools
The NZ Marine Studies Centre at Portobello is open for school programmes. While the Aquarium is temporarily closed to the general public, touch pools, aquarium tanks and laboratory facilities are set up in the NZMSC to support a variety of school programmes for all levels. There are some very special deals for primary schools this year!  For more details, see  or phone 03 479 5826.